Top retailers and marketers meeting on October 31, 2017 to explore what’s next for the retail flyer—in both its many paper and digital formats—as it bridges the requirements of both mass reach and personalization

TORONTO– It’s official: Canadians love their retail flyers!

To ensure this flyer-love continues, savvy retailers and marketers are looking at all options to stretch and re-invent its capabilities.

Building on feedback from retail industry marketers’ enthusiasm for the new creative possibilities for the retail flyer, Retail Council of Canada (RCC) is hosting a ½ day conference, The Smart Flyer Forum on October 31, 2017 in Toronto to bring together the most innovative retailers in Canada to dig deeper into the untapped and leverageable potential of flyers.

The Smart Flyer Forum: From Mass to Personalization will explore:

  • Flyer Engagement and Today’s Consumer: Latest Consumer Research
  • The New Role of Flyers in Multi-Channel Campaigns: Case Study
  • The Flyer of the Future: Retail Roundtable

The full agenda for The Smart Flyer Forum can be viewed at: 

Driving the Forum’s debate and discussion will include:

  • Howard Chang, Top Drawer Creative Inc
  • Frederick Lecoq, Golf Town
  • Catherine Viau, Loblaw Companies Ltd
  • Sarah Dennie, Walmart Canada
  • Jeff Tate, Henry’s
  • Jean Paul Corbeil, Sporting Life
  • Darryl Martin, Leon’s

For more details on the speakers please visit:

In spite of predictions of the retail flyer’s demise, it perseveres.  In fact, it is thriving through more effective targeting, digital storytelling and social media, catalogues as well new strides in distribution and printing efficiencies. And while the flyer continues to be a powerful contributor to a marketer’s arsenal, the future of the flyer looks anything but traditional.

“The flyer’s resiliency is a testament to the creativity of retail marketers in Canada,” said Diane J. Brisebois, president and CEO of Retail Council of Canada.  Ms. Brisebois added, “the perceptiveness and skill they have demonstrated at reaching out to Canadians consumers in ways that resonate with them today is evidenced in the impact flyers will continue to hold.”

The Smart Flyer Forum is open to both RCC members and non-members.  To purchase tickets, please visit .

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