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Want to Issuers, ISOs, Acquirers, VARS, CFOs, VP Payments, Financial Operations, FinTech Executives, Retailer Marketers, eCommerce Executives, Data Executives, IT Managers, and other senior executives involved in both bricks-and-mortar and digital companies in Canada? PB Magazine works.

PB is Canada’s leading publication about the entire payments chain, including banks, credit unions, card issuers, payments processors, technology vendors, major retailers and other large-scale payments users, c-suite financial management, IT departments and more. These include data-driven, and data-analytics specialists who help marketing evaluate and engage customers and drive sales. These include direct response, digital marketing, CRM, loyalty marketing, and other forms of intelligence-based, ROI-producing strategies and tactics.

With a qualified circulation of 9,000 primary readers and another approximate 15,000 secondary readers, PB reaches a unique audience which is responsible for creating, managing, supporting and fulfilling more than $500 billion in annual payments generated through a range of channels.

Thorough distribution agreements and special event sponsorship and partnerships, PB reaches all areas of industry: from small businesses to Canadian Business 1000 companies. No matter what our reader’s size, resources or strategies, each and every organization we reach is driven by payments,  powered by orders and striving for loyal customers.