2018 DM Congress for Data-Driven Marketers. Legends. Disruptors. Game Changers.

Jan Kestle, President & CEO, Environics Analytics

Opening Address. Looking Foward. Jan Kestle has been a leader in the marketing information industry for more than forty years. An expert in using statistics and mathematics to help solve business challenges, she directed the initiatives that led to the creation of EA’s PRIZM5 segmentation system, WealthScapes financial database and ENVISION5 business intelligence platform, among other data-based products. Over the years, she’s helped hundreds of customers—in industries ranging from finance and retail to the not-for-profit sector—turn data and analytics into insight, strategy and engagement. Prior to founding EA in 2003, Jan was president of Compusearch and spent 19 years at the Ontario Statistical Centre. Active in the marketing community, she is a member of the National Statistics Council, the Board of Directors of the Canadian Marketing Association and the Advisory Board of Ryerson University School of Geography.

Lori Bieda, Chief Data Scientist & Head, Centre of Analytics Excellence, BMO

The Journey Analytics Evolution. Journey analytics is being used to transform businesses all over the world – from detecting digital leakage into offline channels, to dramatically improving the client experience, to changing how companies sell and serve. But companies continue to grapple with the complexities of embedding journey analytics – and customer journey thinking into their organizations in a way that it can be absorbed and scaled with pace. Learn how this fact-first way of propelling the business forward is helping organizations drive incremental revenue, refine their cost structures and improve client experience – and what it takes to evolve to a journey-led organization.


Steve Shaw, Chief Strategy Officer, Kenna

The Big Shift: How to Transform Your Marketing Model Everything about the new, more customer-obsessed marketing model demands new systems, processes and ways of thinking – but most of all, the urgency to abandon stale-dated practices. But where to start? And exactly how many bends in the road are there? In this practical, plain-speaking session you’ll discover a failsafe path to marketing transformation – the exact steps you need to follow without falling victim to the law of inflated expectations.

BONUS: Steve Shaw Interview with Phil Kotler. In conjunction with this Conference, DM Magazine has been granted an exclusive interview with one of the world’s most respected marketing mavens. Steve’s exclusive talk with Phil Kotler will be made available exclusively to all delegates in advance of publication in DM Magazine.  Professor Kotler was the first recipient of the American Marketing Association’s (AMA) “Distinguished Marketing Educator Award” (1985). The European Association of Marketing Consultants and Sales Trainers awarded Kotler their prize for “Marketing Excellence”. He was chosen as the “Leader in Marketing Thought” by the Academic Members of the AMA in a 1975 survey. He also received the 1978 “Paul Converse Award” of the AMA, honoring his original contribution to marketing. In 1989, he received the Annual Charles Coolidge Parlin Marketing Research Award. In 1995, the Sales and Marketing Executives International (SMEI) named him “Marketer of the Year.” In 2011, he was given the title of being a Legend in Marketing; in 2012, he was #1 on the Management A-List of Academics; in 2013 he became the first recipient of the William L. Wilkie American Marketing Association Foundation’s “Marketing for a Better World” Award for significant contributions to marketing theory and practice; also in 2013, he was inducted in the Management Hall of Fame; also in 2013, he became the first recipient of the Sheth Foundation Medal for Exceptional Contribution to Marketing Scholarship and Practice. Professor Kotler has consulted for such companies as IBM, General Electric, AT&T, Honeywell, Bank of America, Merck and others in the areas of marketing strategy and planning, marketing organization and international marketing. (Read more about Phil Kotler) See the long list of books written by Kotler.

Shereen Mohammed, Marketing Manager, Digital Agent, Veriday

How Content Marketing Builds Lead Generation. Veriday helps financial institutions empower and enable their sales force through a combination of technology and goal-oriented marketing programs. The mission is simple: maximize adoption, optimize marketing productivity, and help set clients on a path to measurable success through digital transformation. If you are exploring new strategies or technologies that fundamentally change the way your sales people attract, engage, and convert prospects, Shereen’s insights will change the way you think.


Bryan Segal, Vice President, ComScore

The Digital Consumer – Same, Same, or Different? A data-centric insights presentation that will look at the world through the eyes of a digital consumer. Is the consumer in a different age any different? How has technology changed the consumer, and more in depth on the impact of mobile and how that has empowered the consumer in different ways. This session will dig into how to optimize customer insights to better targeting to drive greater efficiencies in consumer acquisition.


David Foy, President, Agency59 Response

Three Timeless Rules for Effective Direct Marketing Today. In the last few decades, our world has undergone a complete technological and behavioural makeover. But the core of direct marketing hasn’t changed. Through a quick look at its evolution from the 1980’s to the present day, we will unpack three essential and unwavering rules for creating engaging direct marketing campaigns. We’ll explore how these timeless measures will do more than optimize your current campaigns – they’ll arm you to stay current and effective in an environment of ever-changing technology and consumer trends.


Spencer Henderson, Strategic Planner, Agency59

CoPresenting with David Foy. Spencer Henderson joins this session. David describes him as “young and disruptive”, and a key member of his visionary young team.  He will showcase case studies and discuss how these rules apply to future technologies. A can’t miss dual talk on how traditional DM becomes disruptive DM.



Jeff Tomlin, Chief Marketing Officer, Vendasta

Adapt or Die: 6 Lessons to Achieve World Class Growth in a Demanding Digital Landscape. Vendasta is immersed in the world of local business marketing. Since launching into the SMB market in 2011, it has grown to be the #1 platform for selling digital solutions to local businesses. It has been featured in the Profit 500 and Deloitte’s FAST 50 and FAST 500. But the path to growth and success has not been a straight line. Along the way, the company has learned critical lessons that helped it thrive in digital marketing – perhaps none so important than the need for constant change. Jeff Tomlin shares Vendasta’s story, and six lessons to help your business climb to new heights.

Debbie Major, President, Data Direct Group

Debbie is an Author coach speaker and Business Leader who helps businesses and individuals find the courage to stop the pain and love self, confidence to utilize one’s voice, and clarity to fulfill their calling.



Rich Boire, SVP, Environics Analytics

Data Science Today Amidst Disruptive Technologies. The only constant in an economy undergoing huge disruption is change. Industries such as financial services, insurance, and retail are undergoing major transformation as they evolve their services and products to meet the needs of an ever-increasing digitized public. Big Data, Artificial technology, and Blockchain technology are the latest topical areas that all businesses are trying to grapple with. But has the data science discipline itself undergone a major transformation. The emergence of the digital revolution has necessitated the need for certain technical skills as organizations adapt to these new paradigms. With the increasing emphasis on data science as a critical business discipline, many of the typical data mining tasks are now being automated . Artificial intelligence is just one example of this increased level of automation. Yet, what does this all mean for the data scientist amidst all this disruption? In this session, Richard Boire presents his perspective on how the fundamentals of data science have not changed over the last half century. At the same time, he explores the current role and responsibilities of the data scientist while presenting his perspective of how this role will need to evolve over time.


Derek Lackey, President, Direct Marketing Association of Canada

A Marketing and Branding Specialist, Derek brings a creative, results oriented approach to every business challenge. He is the President & Digital Strategist at e10 egency. In a distinguished advertising career of well over two decades, Derek Lackey has consistently combined entrepreneurial spirit with street-smart marketing while working with major international brands such as Canon, Air Canada Vacations, Arthur Andersen Co., Pioneer Electronics, AGFA Film, American Express Merchandise Services, and many others. His focus since 2006 has been internet marketing – finding ways to effectively fuse traditional advertising with social media.


Billy Sharma, Principal, Designers Inc.

How United Way of Montreal Campaigns Leverage Old & New for Success. A Case Study in  fundraising for today’s donor market. No matter what you’re selling or marketing, there is no better way to captivate an audience than by story telling.  Mélanie Benchetrit from United Way of Montreal loved the results of their campaigns over the past two years. Attend this session and find out how they addressed four issues  in their campaign;  “ILLITERACY” among Youth; • “ISOLATION” being experienced by Seniors; • “FOOD INSECURITY” by the poor; • “SENSE OF COMMUNITY” to address the above three issues in the year-end appeal. Billy will share share with you the reasons they all did so well, and his formulas for making data-driven fundraising work in the complex donor market today.