FUND Finance & Credit Prospects via CANADIAN TREASURER
CT is published bi-monthly and reaches more than 10,000 readers, in
about 6,000 organizations, who are responsible for capital, credit and
risk in all forms of financial operations. Readers are in charge of
corporate finances and how funding is approved, obtained, budgeted,
loaned, processed, allocated, and distributed.

SELL Marketing & Sales via DIRECT MARKETING
Published monthly since October 1988, DM is Canada's magazine for interactive marketing
and sales, reaching about 17,000 readers in marketing and sales at about 6,400 organizations.
Readers who devise strategies, create campaigns, choose media, select tactics, implement
programs, track response, analyze results, measure ROI, and generate sales for their companies.

PAY Transactions and Billings via PAYMENTS BUSINESS
PB is published bi-monthly and reaches more than 10,000 readers in about 5,000 call centres in Canada which manage all forms of customer interaction and engagement, including outsourcers who conduct those activities on behalf of their clients.

SERVICE Customer Service, IT & Fulfillment via CONTACT MANAGEMENT
CM is published bi-monthly and reaches more than 20,000 readers in the
transactions, cards and ebilling/epayments sector, including banks, credit unions, retailers,
online sellers, and about 9,000 of Canada's largest corporations.