Oct 15 , 2010

Desjardins sees future in mobile banking


By Robin Arnfield, News Editor


Lévis, Québec-based Desjardins Group has launched a set of mobile banking and insurance services for smartphone and PDA users. While Desjardins is providing a mobile banking application for Apple iPhone users to download, it says the new services can be used on any web-connected mobile device including as well as on Android-based phones, the iPod Touch and the BlackBerry.


“You do need a 3G connection to use our service, otherwise it risks being too slow,” says Desjardins spokesman Eric Taillefer, Project Manager, Technology Solutions  Engineering . “So far, 35,000 mobile banking apps have been downloaded by our customers, and we have handled around 15,000 mobile banking transactions.”


Desjardins customers can use their smartphones and web-connected PDAs to check account balances, make transfers between their accounts, make payments to other individuals and to utility billers, and request car insurance quotes.


The mobile banking service follows on from the launch earlier this year of Desjardins Securities’ Disnat mobile share-trading service. Desjardins General Insurance also offers mobile services to its customers.


“Around 50 percent of the users of our mobile banking service are under 44 years old,” says Taillefer. “A quarter of the users are professionals. Mobile banking really appeals to people who are constantly using smartphones or Blackberries.”


According to Taillefer, Desjardins plans to continue adding new features to its mobile services. “We see the mobile channel as the future,” he says.



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