October 7, 2013

New card-based program targets savings on Merck's brand name medications

TORONTO--Innovators of the Canadian patient choice assistance card program, RxHelp™, have a new card program to allow Canadian patients prescribed certain Merck prescription medications stay on their preferred brands. The new Merck MyChoice™ card covers up to the cost difference between fourteen leading Merck brand prescription medicines and the generic version, at the pharmacy counter.

The card prevents patients from having their prescriptions filled with a generic version of the brand name medicine originally prescribed by their doctor. However, now patients with prescriptions for Andriol®, Cosopt®, Elocom®, Maxalt®, Maxalt® RPD, Marvelon®, Nasonex®, Propecia®, Proscar®, Sinemet®, Sinemet® CR, Singulair®, Timoptic® XE, Trusopt® are eligible to use the Merck MyChoice™ card.

The Merck MyChoice™ card helps patients maintain an active role in their healthcare and allows them the choice to have their prescription filled with the brand name medication prescribed by their doctor.

"RxHelp™ is pleased to have introduced patient choice programs to Canadian patients," says Craig Martin, President, RxHelp.ca. "Programs like the Merck MyChoice™ Program supports patients' choice to continue on their brand name medications. We are proud to be offering the Merck MyChoice™ Card and are excited about what this one card means for Canadian patients, physicians and pharmacists alike. Staying on brand name doesn't have to cost you more."

Patients present a valid prescription for a Merck brand available on this program, along with the Merck MyChoice™ Card to their pharmacist and ask for their brand name medicine to be dispensed. The Merck MyChoice™ card will pay up to the difference between the amount the patient would otherwise have to pay at the pharmacy for the Merck medication, and the amount the patient would have to pay for the generic. The Merck MyChoice™ Card and other RxHelp Patient Choice cards can be used at any Canadian pharmacy.

Cards are free and patients can also download the program to a smart phone or print as a PDF from www.RxHelp.ca. Cards can also be ordered by phone. Cards are free and patient privacy is protected.

RxHelp.ca is a patient-centric service offered by leading Canadian research-based pharmaceutical companies and managed by Toronto-headquartered Cameron Stewart LifeScience. Founded in 2006, Cameron Stewart LifeScience is a communications and consulting firm that specializes in healthcare and pharmaceutical marketing and is an industry leader in patient choice/assistance programs.

The RxHelp™ Patient Choice card allows consumers to remain on their brand name medicines at little or no additional cost over the generic version. A patient must have a valid prescription from their doctor, present it along with a corresponding RxHelp™ Patient Choice card to their pharmacist and request to remain on their brand.



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