November 18, 2013

JUSP revolutionizes mobile POS pricing with “All-Inclusive Dynamic” pricing for larger merchants

PARIS-- JUSP, the all-in-one chip-and-pin mPOS (Mobile Point-of-Sale) solution for smartphones and tablets, is revolutionizing the mobile point of sale (POS) pricing with a new “all-inclusive dynamic pricing” paradigm for its mobile chip-and-pin solution. Larger retail outlets, which previously found mPOS technology to be cost prohibitive, may now make the switch because of JUSP’s unique pricing model. JUSP not only waives commission fees, but charges a different fee each month based on mPOS sales in any given month. Visitors to the CARTES conference, Paris, France, Nov 19-21 can find out more at JUSP’s booth 4M 001.

Where the classic business model of mPOS is no monthly fee and a 2.5% commission “pay-per-use” fee, this pricing makes sense only for small merchants that have transactions less than 20k€ per annum. For merchants who comprise the core of the retail environment that have annual sales between 20k€ and 70k€, JUSP offers a new paradigm which is a monthly fee only, with no merchant commission on any transaction. The monthly fee is dynamic because it ranges between 39€ and 69€ per month, depending on the quantity of mPOS monthly sales.  It can change from month-to-month to cater for bursts of seasonal sales without any penalty.  Merchants, for example, can pay a higher monthly charge over the busy December period and a smaller fee in quieter January months; the monthly fee adjusts accordingly. 

“This new pricing model presents the larger merchant market with a much needed solution,” said said Jacopo Vanetti, CTO, JUSP.  “Mid-sized merchants have an all-inclusive solution; though it can still shift if business varies from month to month. The dynamic all-inclusive pricing makes JUSP mPOS cost competitive compared to traditional banking POS solutions.” 

New JUSP Windows app Introduced to accept payments from PC’s

Another important move to cater to the larger merchants’ market is the development of a Windows 8 app. Traditionally, mPOS providers have developed applications only for mobile OS, iOS and Android in particular. JUSP is now introducing a Windows phone app and a Windows 8 app which works with JUSP connected to an ordinary PC, turning it into a POS device. This is very useful for shops which already have a Windows-based PC on premise, but prefer not to use their smartphones or tablets.

JUSP accepts all major credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, the related pre-paid cards, internation V-Pay debit circuits, Visa electron, Maestro/Cirrus and the Italian Pagobancomat debit circuit.  






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