November 1, 2013

New Canadian polymer $5 and $10 bills will be released on Nov. 7

CANADA--Canada's new $5 and $10 polymer bank notes are coming on November 7. These final two notes will hit the street on that afternoon and complete the new Polymer series roll-out.

With all five denominations in circulation, it will mean a whole lot of brand new polymer bills in Canadians' wallets. These new notes, like the new paper notes that came before them, may stick together at first. They may also feel slippery in your hands. But these tendencies will disappear as the notes circulate.

The Bank of Canada wants to help Canadians with the transition to polymer. So here are some tips for handling the new notes.

Separate them first: you can quickly fan, tap, shuffle or snap the notes before counting them out. And as you count them out, you may find it easier to use your thumb to push the top bill into your other hand.

Just keep in mind that the newness or occasional stickiness is only temporary. As the notes get handled by Canadians, this tendency will go away.




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