May 17, 2010

ISO monitors transactions with Insight software

EDMONTON--Canadian ISO (Independent Service Organization) Cash N Go is using Insight transaction management software from Vancouver-based Inetco to improve customer service and gain competitive advantage.

Insight provides alerting, inquiry and reporting tools for monitoring and analyzing the performance of ATM, point of sale (POS) and other EFT payment channels across dial-up, IP and wireless network environments.

Edmonton, Alberta-based Cash N Go operates a network of 1,100 ATMs across Canada, located at retail outlets such as shopping malls and grocery stores as well as hotels and sports venues. The company, which started using Insight in November 2009, provides transaction processing services to ATMs connected to its network.

Insight monitors transaction processing times at Cash N Go’s own processing centre as well as processing times for transactions as they flow between ATM switch operator Interac and banks. “With visibility into the complete end-to-end payment transaction path, it’s easy for us to quickly ascertain where the problem lies, and whose job it is to fix it,” says Angie Mercier, Cash N Go’s CFO.

Insight also allows Cash N Go to monitor telecommunications network speeds. “Customers can approach telecommunication companies with exact information about network speeds,” Marc Borbas, vice president of marketing at Inetco tells Payments Business. “One of our customers was even able to use this data to obtain a refund from his telecommunications carrier because he had proof of slow network speeds.”

Insight cuts out the need for a lot of manual sifting through log files, according to Borbas. “These logs files are switched off by default because they slow down processing times, so finding the source of transaction delays is time consuming,” he says.

Because Insight runs on a separate computer, it does not slow down processing times and can be left on permanently, Borbas says. “When Insight encounters a processing time that is below a set threshold, it will send out alert emails,” he says. ‘This means that Cash N Go can be aware of problems and take remedial action, often before a complaint comes in from an ATM owner.”

“Insight has helped Cash N Go differentiate itself from other ISOs by enabling proactive management of our customers’ transaction environments,” says Mercier.





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