May 16 , 2016

PayVida pairs with Apple Pay to for small businesses go high-tech at low cost

VANCOUVER--For small businesses across the country, accepting Apple Pay just got a whole lot easier, according to PayVida.

Vancouver's PayVida Solutions is excited to be at the forefront of payment processing in Canada. Today the company announced that they have paired their industry-leading pricing with Apple Pay. This combination offers their clients -- small businesses, retailers and other Canadian entrepreneurs -- the ability to provide simple contactless payments to their customers. On top of this, the company commits to offering the most transparent credit card processing rates in Canada.

PayVida's vision is to provide revolutionary payment solutions to their clients. Most agree that Apple Pay and similar "contactless" payment methods will change how Canadians pay for products and services. "It's a great time for Apple to expand Apple Pay in Canada. More than 25 percent of all debit and credit card transactions are contactless payments. We see that number rising fast. Especially considering how many Canadians have an iPhone," shared Ryan Strauss, PayVida's Co-Founder and CEO.

To many of those loyal users, Apple Pay's expansion into debit, Visa and MasterCard in Canada is past due. But as PayVida Co-Founder Robert Ronning notes, "Apple Pay has actually been available in Canada for some time. We launched Apple Pay to our clients in late 2015 through Apple's partnership with American Express. All our payment terminals are ready for Apple Pay, and we're excited to see how quick transactions start coming in." Interested entrepreneurs can learn about how Apple Pay works with PayVida's payment terminals at

According to Apple and confirmed by PayVida, Apple Pay will work with iPhone 6, 6s, 6 Plus, 6s Plus and SE models. Apple Watch also supports Apple Pay. A user first needs to register their debit and credit cards inside of the Apple Wallet software. Once registered, a customer can use their iPhone or Apple Watch at any PayVida payment terminal.

The technology behind Apple Pay is both private and secure. Card numbers aren't stored on the customer's iPhone or on any servers owned by Apple or PayVida. Instead, Apple Pay communicates with PayVida's terminals in an encrypted fashion using single-use tokens.

PayVida Solutions Inc. is a Canadian payment processing company that is revolutionizing the way commerce happens all around the world. PayVida's innovative payment solutions, ranging from traditional terminals to smartphone-based card readers to desktop payment processors, are making it easier than ever for businesses of every size to do what every successful business needs to do -- get paid. At PayVida, technology doesn't have to limit business -- rather, it drives business.



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