Mar 25 , 2010

Canadian Acquirers Association gearing up for new educational/networking event

MONTREAL--The Canadian Acquirers Association (, a not-for-profit body that acts as an educational forum for Canadian payment acquiring and processing entrepreneurs, is planning a second event for its members.

The association was founded in June 2008, with its inaugural event sponsored by Pivotal Payments and VersaPay. Its board consists of Adam Atlas (, an attorney-at-law who represents Canadian payment companies, Anil Bissa of CardSolve International, Kevin Turko of Data Shapers, Michael Gokturk of VersaPay and Michael Jaffe of NXGEN Payment Systems.

“We are currently in the process of setting up our proper status as a legal entity this spring,” Atlas says. “We found (that the lack of) this was an impediment to getting the top tier sponsors that we need for our second event.”

Payments Business understands that the association is likely to hold a second educational/networking event this summer. “We want to make our second event a big success,” Atlas says.

Atlas says the association’s goal is to provide education about the payments industry for its members along with networking opportunities. “In the longer term, once we are established, we want to represent the canadian acquiring and processing industry,” he says. “Currently, we have a similar role to that played by US regional acquiring associations such as the Northeast Acquirers Association.”

On its website,, the Northeast Acquirers Association says: “.The Northeast Acquirers Association (NEAA) was founded with one primary objective - To serve as an Educational Forum for Financial Institutions and ISO/MSPs/MLSs in the acquiring industry. We receive and communicate information on the latest technology, hottest topics in the payment industry, and new changes to rules and regulations from the various Card Associations. NEAA is focused on providing this forum in the most economical way so all can take part in the educational and networking opportunities.”



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