Mar 11 , 2010

New product helps clean smart card readers

AUBURN, MI--Dirt, oils and other contaminants are introduced into a card reader every time a credit card is inserted. For the read contacts to properly access the smart chip, it is critical that these contaminants are regularly removed to help avoid card reader errors. This newly released Waffletechnology Smart Card Reader Cleaning Card is designed to remove these contaminants by gently cleaning these critical read/write components. This product not only offers superb cleaning attention to the smart card readers, but is also designed to be used in swipe and dip card readers that use magnetic stripe technology. This new cleaning card is a quick and almost effortless means of removing error causing particles from within most types of card readers worldwide.

"The New Waffletechnology Smart Card Reader Cleaning Card was designed to be the most versatile card reader cleaning product on the market. This product can be used on every chip and pin reader, smart card reader, swipe reader, hotel door lock, access control, time clock and virtually all card readers that are not motorized insertions," explained Debra Ross, Product Manager / OEM Business Development Worldwide, KICTeam. "This product takes the guess work out of what product is needed to keep the card reader functioning. If it's a card reader, the right cleaning tool is a Waffletechnology Smart Card Reader Cleaning Card."

Today there are few businesses that do not have a card reader serving an important function. When the Waffletechnology Smart Card Reader Cleaning Card is used on a regular maintenance schedule, it will help maintain uninterrupted card reader service. This product offers an extremely low cost benefit when compared to the cost of conventional cleaning and replacement.




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