June 13 , 2014

Internet-based sales not popular among small companies

Canada – Canadian companies, especially small ones, are missing out on the advantages of internet-based business, says a report by Statistics Canada. In 2013, Canadian businesses sold over $136 billion worth of goods and services online, registering an 11 per cent increase over the 2012.  Online sales accounted for a greater proportion of sales in general, as companies that sold online reported about 25 per cent of overall revenues to come from internet-based customers.

Findings show that for 2013, 13 per cent of companies that participated to the survey claimed selling goods and services via the internet, up from 11 per cent in 2012. Also, 47 per cent of Canadian businesses said they had purchased goods or services online sometime in 2013.

However, 54 per cent of all Canadian companies still don’t have a website, and the year-over-year growth in online sales was mostly driven by large companies, with 61 per cent of all wholesale trade, manufacturing, and retail trade being recorded by organizations with 100 or more employees. These large companies took in $87 billion in total online sales, about 64 per cent of the total.

Among the reasons for these numbers, companies cite a lack of skilled staff as a barrier to deeper use of technology, while another 30 per cent say it’s just too expensive



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