June 5, 2014

Competition, Collaboration, Innovation: Payments Panorama 2014

The digital revolution is transforming the payments industry. While creating tremendous opportunities for increased efficiency and convenience, this transformation is introducing challenges that call for enhanced cooperation and coordination. From June 25 to 27 the Canadian Payments Association and over 400 payment experts from around the globe will gather in Charlottetown to explore developments in domestic and international payments, identify challenges and opportunities, and inform their strategies to manage this transition.

Shaping the digital economy can be compared to building a secure home for digital payments. We must establish a strong foundation to ensure safety, soundness and efficiency while supporting innovation at the retail level. Financial institutions, network operators and service providers – the crew building on this foundation – need to communicate and collaborate to drive efficiencies in the industry while competing for market share amongst Canadian businesses, governments and consumers. Hence the themes of Payments Panorama 2014: Competition, Collaboration, Innovation.

Featured speakers at Payments Panorama 2014 include industry and government leaders, providing a strategic perspective and insight into the payments industry for today and tomorrow. Keynotes include Larry Schembri, Deputy Governor, Bank of Canada, and John Pecman, Commissioner of Competition.  Col. Chris Hadfield, who gave Canadians a front seat view from above and made us look at our world from a different angle, will also address Payments Panorama 2014 delegates in a keynote presentation, imparting the useful and practical lessons he's learned throughout his remarkable career in the fields of leadership, teamwork, collaboration, science and technology. His unique insights on collaboration and innovation will motivate us to reach dreams higher than the clouds.

Register now to experience 2-1/2 days, 5 keynote speakers, and 10 informative sessions covering international developments in regulation and legislation, interoperability and international payment messaging standards (ISO 20022), competing for customers in the digital age, keys to the successful adoption of mobile payments, image-captured payment exchange: the path to implementation in Canada, “next generation” clearing and settlement ……and many other issues facing the payments industry. To learn more and register visit: www.cdnpay.ca/conference.

Conference social events include a Thursday evening beach party and bonfire, and a Friday evening at the Shipyard Market enjoying great food, fine beverages, and music and entertainment by the College of Piping and Celtic Performing Arts of Canada.






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