June 3, 2013

API lets companies quickly build a retail cash payment network

ATLANTA -InComm today announced the launch of Cashtie, a powerful API that links retail cash payments via an existing point-of-sale (POS) system to software applications. For example, Cashtie enables eCommerce and bill payment software providers to quickly and easily add cash payment options to their existing applications. With Cashtie, partners can provide companies the ability to let consumers pay in cash for their utility bills, loans, online purchases and more at nearby retail locations. Cashtie customers can leverage InComm’s global retail network, turning nearly 400,000 points of retail distribution into a cash payment location with no additional POS integration required. 

The Cashtie API coupled with InComm’s global retail network allow providers to add a cash payment option for their customers – including anyone from eCommerce to utility companies – within as little time as a few weeks. To get started, providers simply sign up for the API and build their application with just a few lines of code. They can then leverage InComm’s existing integrations with retailers to enable cash transaction at POS. Consumers who prefer to pay in cash when purchasing a product online or paying their utility bill now have the option to do so by simply printing out a bar code or displaying it on their smartphone and taking it to any cash register within an InComm-integrated retail location. Providers are notified in real-time once a service or product is paid for at the cash register; they also receive other information, including payment location.

“Cashtie ultimately makes it easier for consumers who prefer cash to pay for goods and services,” said Brian Parlotto, EVP, InComm. “The easier that companies make this process, the better chance consumers will make payments on time or purchase products altogether. We’re pleased to offer such a simple and straightforward process for instantly adding a cash payment option at hundreds of thousands of retail locations around the world.”




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