February 20, 2018

New payroll software integrates with Telpay for direct deposit

CALGARY-- EmployeeAssist Inc. launched PayTickr Time Tracking with Payroll SaaS software, including direct deposit ePayment integration with partner Telpay, out of Winnipeg, Canada. PayTickr is a solution for business with mobile workforces who are frustrated with manually tracking hours, incorrect payroll calculations, or hate their complex, expensive software.

The PayTickr Time Tracking mobile app is like a digital punch card on employee’s mobile devices. Employees punch in and out anywhere from their phone. GPS data ensures they are on site when checking in, helping to eliminate time-fraud. The PayTickr Apple iOS and Android mobile apps are free to all users with PayTickr accounts.

PayTickr Payroll Software uses employee digital punch cards to process payroll according to a schedule or by the click of a button. All overtime and vacation calculations are handled, and all remittances and government taxes are calculated. The software handles paystubs, T4’s, ROE’s, extensive reporting, and employee work and location logs.
EmployeeAssist Inc., a software development company located in Calgary, Alberta, was founded in 2015 by the two co-owners, CEO Kreg MacPhee and CTO Bradley Rougeau.

Both computer science graduates from the University of Calgary, before founding EmployeeAssist Inc., Kreg developed an easy mobile payroll tracking system for an 18-person remote workforce in his landscaping company. This became the genesis of PayTickr.

“I observed what was going on in my own company and realized the benefits of a really simple app. Reducing time from 3 to 4 hours per month to about 20-minutes, the automatic calculations and eliminating manual mistakes was huge,” CEO Kreg MacPhee explains, “We’ve kept the whole system really simple and extremely value-priced because we know what it’s like to manage teams of people in the field.”

PayTickr has partnered with Telpay to offer seamless payroll direct deposit services for PayTickr clients. Amounts for employees, subcontractors, and CRA government remittances can all be calculated and electronically paid with the click of a button in the PayTickr interface. Benefits of the integration with Telpay include:

> One-time setup of source deductions, including CRA, as well as future-dating source deductions separate from payroll submission

> Ability to remit on due date, employee and employer share of CRA and group insurance plans

> All aspects of payroll for salaried and hourly employees with direct deposit to their bank accounts

> Automatic payroll journal entries to accounting systems

Founded in 1985, Telpay is one of Canada's most trusted and largest independent electronic payment companies, processing over $17.7 billion in payments in 2017. Telpay was formerly the R&D division of Comcheq, the Canadian company that pioneered electronic payroll services, founded by W.H. (Bill) Loewen in 1968.

“We are excited to welcome PayTickr as a payroll services partner, and to offer our clients an all-in-one solution to their time-tracking and payroll needs,” says Dale Lacombe, Vice President, Sales & Marketing at Telpay. “It is a natural extension of the trusted payroll and bill payment services that we have been proud to deliver to over 12,000 business clients across Canada for the last 32+ years.”

PayTickr customers have the flexibility to choose between the time-tracking or the payroll portions of the software system, or combine both to fully utilize the system. PayTickr exports data to Microsoft Excel and integrates with Intuit Quickbooks. EmployeeAssist Inc. is supported with funding and development assistance from Alberta Innovates and Tecterra, in turn receiving funding from Alberta Innovates, Western Economic Diversification Canada and Government of Canada Networks of Centres of Excellence.



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