February 14, 2012

Verisoft EMV Software clocks at 50,000 records per hour

TORONTO--Verisoft Canada Inc., a subsidiary of Verisoft International, developers of the industry leading financial card solutions provider, today announced that their engineering division tested their new EMV software with an amazing 400% speed gain over the nearest industry solution.

The new software system Verisoft V3 is based on Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 and can address the increased cryptographic requirements of DDA / CDA and contactless cards with unparalleled speed and ease. V3 is deployable as a Microsoft Windows server or linked as a DLL library to the main Instant EMV Server to improve performance and data reliability.

On a benchmark testing with a job of 36 DDA records and 1 Thales P3CM250 HSM, Verisoft V3 clocked at more than 50000 records per hour with key caching and proved that it can work with encrypted input and output files for full PCI DSS conformance.

“This is a major milestone in EMV card processing,” said Mr. Onur Alver, Verisoft International CEO and President. “This will increase our competitive advantage in establishing our North American operations as large scale processing are a must”.

The technology team of the company reported that Verisoft V3 achieved further performance gains with the software accelerator option for ICC RSA Key Pair generation.

“V3 can work with P3CM250, PayShield 9000, HSM8000 and Futurex 9100 offering an unparalleled flexibility to process EMV data. The engineering team at Verisoft has achieved a major technical feat and we are excited to offer this solution to the North American market.” said Ms. Kamuran Altinbilek, Executive Vice President of Sales and Business Development at Verisoft Canada.

V3 is the EMV personalization preparation system utilized in conjunction with Verisoft PowerEMV platform and Thales or Futurex HSM hardware. Verisoft PowerEMV is a field proven central issuance solution which is used in over 20 international banks and financial institutions for the issuance of EMV cards in full mode and handles all necessary fields and verifications required for authorizations with embossers.



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