Feb. 9, 2010

National Money Mart introduces
Nextwave TITANIUM+ prepaid card

TORONTO--National Money Mart Company announced the launch of the Nextwave TITANIUM+ Visa prepaid card. TITANIUM+ Visa prepaid cards can be used to shop securely online, over the phone and in person at any merchant that accepts Visa - in Canada or abroad. TITANIUM+ Visa prepaid cards access funds that have been set aside in advance, providing cardholders with the convenience and security of a payment card without the need to connect to a bank account or access a line of credit. Customers can load money onto their card at any Money Mart branch across Canada.

Other advantages to using the Nextwave TITANIUM+ Visa prepaid card include:

- Cardholders can buy what they want, when they want, without worrying
about having enough cash on hand.

- The spending limit is set by how much money is pre-loaded to the card.

- Cardholders can benefit from security features, such as Visa's Zero

Purchasing a Nextwave TITANIUM+ Visa prepaid card is easy. Interested customers with a valid address, two pieces of ID (one government-issued and one photo) and who are at least 16 years of age can go to any of Money Mart's nearly 500 branches in Canada for instant approval (there is no credit check and personal bank account and deposit information is not required). The prepaid card is loaded on the spot allowing cardholders to use their cards immediately.

Current TITANIUM+ customers can easily convert their existing cards to the Nextwave TITANIUM+ Visa prepaid card at any Money Mart location quickly and with no usage interruption.

"We are extremely pleased to be able to provide the TITANIUM+ Visa prepaid card to our customers," said Larry Taylor, President, National Money Mart. "In addition to the obvious benefits of using a prepaid card, the fact that we are offering it in association with Visa means our customers can and should have every confidence in this product. We look forward to growing our relationship with Visa with the goal of offering further enhancements for TITANIUM+ Visa Prepaid Cardholders."

"We are very pleased to be collaborating with National Money Mart in expanding access to the benefits of electronic payments for consumers in Canada," commented Brian Triplett, Head of Global Prepaid Products at Visa Inc. "The TITANIUM+ Visa prepaid card offers consumers a convenient and secure alternative to cash that they can use to make everyday purchases, pay bills, and transact online with peace of mind that their funds are protected against loss or theft, a benefit not provided by cash."

National Money Mart and Visa have worked very closely with Peoples Trust Company, Galileo Processing and InComm over the last year to make this new card offering available to all Money Mart customers.



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