February 8, 2016

SmartMetric presents new biometric protected payments card

LAS VEGAS--SmartMetric has announced a new fingerprint activated EMV chip (smartcard) technology at the Smart Card Alliance conference for the smart card including payments chip card industry.

While SmartMetric has been presenting its advanced biometric activated card to select financial institutions internationally this will be our first official unveiling of our card to the industry and the media, said SmartMetric's President and CEO, Chaya Hendrick.

SmartMetric's biometric payments card has achieved an incredible reduction in microelectronics to fit an fully functional fingerprint reader inside an EMV smart card. The card user roles their finger across a thin sensor on the cards surface which is used to read the persons fingerprint and match it with their fingerprint already stored inside the card.

Following a successful fingerprint match processed by the SmartMetric miniature fingerprint scanner inside the card the card is turned on allowing it to be inserted inside a credit card reader or ATM machine. The fingerprint scanning takes less than 0.25 seconds making it even faster as well as being more secure than typing in PIN's etc.

SmartMetric has created a safer and better user validation and identification technology for payment and identity cards using a person's individual and unique biometrics to validate and identify the card user. The company has created a super miniature fully functional powerful fingerprint scanner that fits inside a payments card as well as identity and secure log on cards.



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