February 6, 2013

Canadians get tax refunds faster, safer, cheaper with new H&R Block Advantage Prepaid MasterCard

TORONTO--Canadians who want their tax refund quickly but don't want to pay cheque-cashing fees and take unnecessary risks with carrying cash, now have the option of getting their tax refunded on a prepaid card. MasterCard Canada has partnered with H&R Block and DC Bank to offer the H&R Block Advantage Prepaid MasterCard.

"You don't often hear people talking about convenience, flexibility and freedom at tax time," said Richard McLaughlin, Senior Vice President of Global Products and Solutions, MasterCard Canada. "But that's what we have been able to create with our partners H&R Block and DC Bank."

H&R Block customers can use the new card to do many things they can't with cash or a cheque. Having their Instant Cash Back tax refund loaded onto an H&R Block Advantage Prepaid MasterCard provides the convenience of instant access to their refund with no costs or hassles.

"Moving to a prepaid MasterCard as a new way to receive your refund instantly offers our customers unique advantages we were unable to provide with just a cheque. The text messaging service that tells you your balance each time you use the card and the ability to shop online are just a few key benefits of MasterCard we're excited to share with our customers as we kick off our 2013 tax season," said Richard Brown, President, H&R Block Canada. 

The H&R Block Advantage Prepaid MasterCard is free with H&R Block's Instant Cash Back service, and requires no credit check or bank history. It enables H&R Block customers to use ATMs or shop in stores, online or over the phone - wherever in the world that MasterCard is accepted -- and to know they have the full security of a MasterCard product. Using the card means there are no cheque-cashing fees and no cash-handling worries. And users can simply load next year's tax Instant Cash Back refund onto the same card.

"This month Canada officially stopped using the penny because it's expensive and inconvenient," said Richard McLaughlin. "The H&R Block Advantage Prepaid MasterCard is another great example of payment innovations that make sense because they are faster, more convenient, more secure and less costly. It's another step to a world beyond cash."

"We're delighted to join forces with H&R Block and MasterCard to offer the H&R Block Advantage Prepaid MasterCard, reaching new customers and diversifying our services," said Susan Gallacher, President of DC Bank.



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