December 14, 2017

NetCents Technology announces development, imminent launch of proprietary cryptocurrency platform

VANCOUVER -- NetCents Technology Inc. is pleased to announce the development and imminent launch of a proprietary cryptocurrency platform to round out the NC Exchange. Yesterday, NetCents paused the ability of users to purchase Bitcoin and Ethereum via the NC Exchange due to processing delays with the Company's exchange partners.

In recent weeks, NetCents has actively been building a proprietary cryptocurrency exchange where users will be able to seamlessly buy and sell Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as other leading cryptocurrencies. The updated platform will greatly increase the ease and speed of users to buy and sell cryptocurrency on the NC Exchange. It will also give other exchanges easier accessibility adopting, and in due course integrating and accepting the NetCents Coin ("NCCO") on those platforms. The Company's goal of developing this proprietary cryptocurrency platform is long-standing, but its development has been expedited to meet the needs of NetCents users for a better processing service.

"We pride ourselves on providing an outstanding service to our customers," stated Clayton Moore, CEO of NetCents Technology. "The updated platform will not only resolve the cryptocurrency processing issues our users were encountering but will transition the NC Exchange to an all-inclusive, interactive exchange that will allow users at external exchanges to buy and sell NCCO, encouraging the adoption of NCCO outside of the NetCents ecosystem."
Coinciding with the updated exchange functionality, the Company will be launching a new, updated website. The new website, eWallet, and NC Exchange will focus on improving site usability and flow, thus streamlining the process for site users.

"I have been absolutely amazed at the brilliant feedback our users have been providing to us. After the launch of the NetCents Coin and the NC Exchange, our users actively engaged with us and provided us with feedback and update requests," said Jenn Lowther, chief marketing officer of NetCents Technology. "We have listened to this feedback, and in the coming weeks, we will be rolling out extensive changes to the navigation and design of our website, user accounts, and eWallets. The new website will be completely streamlined and interactive, integrating the invaluable feedback collected from our users."

"The addition of these major platform updates coupled with our recent announcement of the largest merchant adoption agreement in the space, largest retail adoption of NCCO, and the successful launch of a brand-new type of cryptocurrency for the masses, NetCents is poised to become the next-generation blockchain financial company in 2018," stated Clayton Moore.



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