August 8, 2016

Tranzlogic expands with new products designed for business growth

WESTLAKE VILLAGE, CA -- Tranzlogic has announced the expansion of its powerful suite of solutions that give its users the ability to make data-driven decisions in order to better market, grow, and expand their businesses.

ranzlogic now offers several analytics tools and activity-based solutions that deliver powerful insights by combining customer and market data with expert analysis and intuitive reporting.

“We’re passionate about providing businesses that don’t have enterprise-level resources with the data analytics they need to grow and compete in an increasingly data-driven world,” said Charles Hogan, Tranzlogic’s co-founder and CEO.

Tranzlogic offers a number of free data-driven tools that provide actionable insights to owners of businesses of all sizes, with a focus on increasing a company’s bottom line. Customer 360 is a web-based portal that allows users to identify their top customers and to understand their unique attributes including age, location, income bracket, family size, marital status and preferred lifestyle and activities. Analytics Suite enhances the Customer 360 portal with business intelligence tools used to get a deeper understanding and to manage multiple locations. Market Vision combines industry specific customer insights with powerful market data to help users identify and understand market trends and to explore new markets rich in ideal customers. These tools are complemented by Tranzlogic Solutions, intended to help clients turn those insights into actionable results. These comprehensive solutions include analysis and support, and transcend various types of activities including site management and expansion, loyalty and promotion, and marketing and advertising.

Integrated with many top payment processors, Tranzlogic uses a proprietary process to automatically transform a client’s transaction data into powerful customer insights. The result is frictionless access to ongoing customer insights that do not require authorization of the cardholder. Tranzlogic’s streamlined interface lets owners and managers quickly see the information they need to understand and engage their current customers, reach new customers, measure their performance, and more.



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