August 2 , 2017

New B2 Magstripe Card Simulator streamlines management, testing and certification of magnetic stripe cards for fleet, loyalty, gift cards and more

Application eliminates the need for physical magnetic stripe cards

TORONTO -- B2 Payment Solutions Inc. today announced a new B2 Magstripe Card Simulator, which is a software application designed to simulate magnetic stripe cards without the need for an actual physical card. This tool can be used to replace hundreds of magnetic stripe cards required for testing and certification of payment card acceptance devices.

Ideal for anyone that processes and accepts magnetic stripe cards, the B2 Magstripe Card Simulator allows users to store XML images of all their test cards in one convenient place via the B2 software application. By doing this, users can reduce their physical card inventory as well as the risk of lost or expired cards; users can also create their own card images thus eliminating the wait time for new cards to be shipped by processors when being modified/replaced due to expiry date or PAN (primary account number) changes.

“Testing is absolutely necessary to ensure terminals and payment acceptance devices work with magnetic stripe cards,” said Bruce Murray, president of B2, “Even in the era where EMV cards are being widely adopted, there continues to be a large need for magstripe cards. For example, fleet cards, gift cards, loyalty cards and dynamic currency conversion cards will continue to be personalized on magnetic stripes – so it’s important that these cards continue to work correctly in terminals and devices that accept them.”

The B2 Magstripe Card Simulator application is fully integrated with the UL SmartStripe -- which is a probe testing device that emulates magstripe cards. By offering a package solution, users will have a completely automated process that will allow them to simply select the desired card image using the B2 Magstripe Card Simulator and swipe or hold the UL SmartStripe in the slot of a card acceptance device to process a magstripe transaction.

“We are committed to providing innovative products to our customers, which is why we wanted to introduce an all-inclusive package that offers an easy to use, user-friendly interface that can quickly convert any physical magstripe card into a simulated card image,” added Murray. “All cards and images that are imported into the B2 Magstripe Card Simulator can be modified and copied so that users can easily add and update their card images using the card simulator.”

For more information about the new B2 Magstripe Card Simulator, please visit:



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