April, 12 , 2012

Verisoft veriLOYAL system deployed in the cloud

CANADA--Verisoft Canada Inc. has announced that their new loyalty and rewards card software solution veriLOYAL was deployed using the cloud technology. The company is a subsidiary of Verisoft International, providers of technology products and customized software for EMV banking applications, electronic payment and card systems for the international banking sector.

The new software system is a complete re-write of the existing loyalty system which is currently in use by more than 40 major customers around the world. It has been completely redesigned using the latest Microsoft development technology and takes full advantage of the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 and the HTML 5 standards. The new veriLOYAL system will be offered as SAAS (software as a service) over the Internet cloud such as Amazon EC2.  

Being deployed over the cloud will mean that customers do not have to purchase and maintain costly servers and hard to maintain software. The current system will also provide seamless “always on” operation with elastic storage and internet bandwidth that can grow with increased usage demand.

The technology team of the company reported that Verisoft achieved further performance gains with the software due to the new optimized database design.

“VeriLOYAL user interface is designed to be extremely user-friendly and is a major advancement over the old system. I am sure that the customers at large will enjoy working with the new system which offers incredible ease in managing vast amount of data. We listened to our clients over the years and made sure that their suggestions were incorporated in the new system, ” said Kamuran Altinbilek, executive vice president of sales and business development at Verisoft Canada.

VeriLOYAL loyalty and rewards management system works in conjunction with the veriSAFE fraud management and prevention system. The system is also designed to manage closed loop gift and pre-paid card management system.





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