April 24, 2017

Winning Brands, Securter partner to reduce credit card fraud

TORONTO -- Winning Brands Corporation and Securter, Inc. have entered into an Exploratory Discussion Agreement ("EDA") regarding the launch of Securter's new patent-pending technology to reduce credit card fraud—a major and growing problem in digital commerce. The agreement arises from Winning Brands' Innovators Community initiative, through which innovators can partner with Winning Brands for mutual advantage.

The EDA provides for a six-week negotiation period during which both teams will seek an operating agreement to proceed. Winning Brands will be announcing Exploratory Discussion Agreements for its Innovators Community projects to avoid rumours, openly mobilize expert assistance and increase awareness of the prospective projects for the benefit of both announcing parties.

In such joint venture launches, Winning Brands will deploy a portion of its current and future Regulation A financing proceeds to support breakthrough opportunities as well as contributing the work of subject matter experts. Winning Brands has formed an "adaptive network" model that assigns subject matter experts to Innovators Community launch projects according to those experts' specialties. This means that vetted projects are aligned with appropriate talent for each launch. Innovators, such as Securter, regard the joint-venture basis of cooperation with Winning Brands as appealing because Winning Brands focuses on revenue sharing rather than equity acquisition. Innovators otherwise find their technologies or company ownership heavily encroached by traditional venture capital relationships.

"It is deliberate that this potential joint venture is not related to our historical product base," comments Eric Lehner, CEO of Winning Brands. "This is to demonstrate to present and future shareholders that we are increasing the scope of WNBD aspirations beyond existing limitations. Our adaptive network of subject matter experts is an original operating model by which we will ensure that deep industry knowledge is always present in project management. In the Securter project under discussion, much vetting of the patent pending technology has already occurred. The willingness of Winning Brands to share public company resources and expertise in return for revenue sharing opportunities is a terrific alternative method for innovators to get their projects off the ground or grow. We all know that the financial technology sector is vast in its reach and has an enormous appetite for new products and services that improve efficiency and reduce risks. With the Securter EDA, Winning Brands proves that WNBD's upward potential is now limited only by the talent of the world's innovators—which is vast. We already have a waiting list. When our OTC filing catch-up is completed in the next 30 days, and the Current Information designation is attained in Q2 2017, progress will accelerate."

Winning Brands maintains a CEO weblog for the benefit of shareholders at www.WinningBrandsCorporation.com/blog. It is a journal of the company's mission, providing answers to many shareholder questions. It is a regular source of public information pertaining to the company pursuant to SEC Fair Disclosure guidelines. Mr. Lehner also maintains a Twitter presence: www.Twitter.com/WinningCEO.



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