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2018 Canadian Payment Processor Congress

April 19, 2018 | REGISTRATION OPEN

Helping payments executives understand the changing pressures on the finance department to recommend new strategies and deliver new services, adopt new technology, ensure payments security and speed, satisfy changing consumer demand and produce more detailed and accurate analytics more quickly. This includes all areas of payments processing and technology.

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Michael Orlando, President & CEO, FitPay

FitPay continues to rollout contactless, wearable technology which reshapes this sector. Most recently, Fit Pay, a wholly owned subsidiary of NXT-ID, Inc. began taking orders for Flip, a new contactless payment device that will enable cryptocurrency holders to use the value of their currency to make purchases at millions of retail locations. The new device, which was announced earlier this month, uses value exchanged from cryptocurrency to make traditional payment transactions. Michael's leadoff keynote session will explore a wide range of ideas and trends in this sector. Don't miss it.

Jeremy Bornstein, SVP & Marketlead, Advisors, Mastercard
Mastercard's LaaS combines two sections of Mastercard: Labs and Advisors.
Labs is the global research and development arm of Mastercard and Advisors
is the professional service arm for the company. This practice delivers
customized innovation programs, products and support designed to tackle
specific product or innovation culture challenges. Some Mastercard LaaS
offerings include LaunchPad, a five day rapid prototyping and design
service; IdeaBox, a program that helps turn employee ideas into realities
and from "intrapreneurs;" and Experience Design, UI/UX design services and
customer testing. This all comes along with product build-out service and
pilot development. The Toronto LaaS division is the result of increasing
demands for customized innovation solutions in the country. The ability to
develop new ideas and timely solutions to real problems is key to growing
business and Borenstein will delve into how Labs as a Service combines
Mastercard's strength in R&D and deep services expertise to deliver cost
effective, customized programs that help clients take their innovations from
connect to market faster.

Milos Vranesevic, SVP, NAM Marketing, Mastercard
Mastercard's innovative marketing campaigns have included specially-curated
playlists by well-known Canadian artists and influential music lovers to
help cardholders can experience the city they love through the eyes and ears
of their favourite artists. Every experience has a soundtrack, and we want
to help our cardholders find the music that makes a great experience even
better says Milos. Mastercard also sponsors the Memorial Cup to celebrate
the 100th anniversary of a championship in junior hockey. Go behind the
scenes as Milos talks about how the acquirer approaches today's consumer
while aligning with the processor industry

Dan Kelly, President CFIB
The Small Business and Payment Industry Relationship: Where does it stand?
After years of tension between merchants and the payments industry, much has begun to change. Fees have dropped and rules of the game have been established. But where do things stand today? Do merchants – both large and small – have enough clout to improve their situation. What about the various roles for card brands, banks and processors? What about new players in the industry? Where do things go from here? CFIB President Dan Kelly will give his perspectives after leading a decade long battle for fairness for small merchants across Canada.

Duane Tough, President, Payabillity
Is cash still KING and how the future of processing payments in Canada is affected?
An in depth look at cash history and the future of it in Canada and international trends. Very detailed analytics and great large screen presentation. How the card networks deal with cash. MSB's and their cash activities along with the NEW marijuana reality of payments in Canada--can an American company process in Canada?

Sue Whitney, Head of Industry Relations, Payments Canada
Understanding The Promise of ISO 20022
Join Sue Whitney, Head, Industry Relations, Payments Canada, as she elaborates on Canada's modernization journey and the importance of implementation of the global messaging standard, ISO 20022. Learn the progress of ISO implementation and the many benefits coming for all Canadians.

Robert Vokes, Managing Director, Financial Services, Accenture
Inside the Open Banking Challenge
All but one of 100 payment executives at major banks globally said they were planning major investments in open banking by 2020, according to an online survey by consulting firm Accenture released last month. Robert examines and explains how Open Banking impacts and benefits the payments sector (and the incumbent risks or challenges). This session provides answers on how PSD2 is impacting online commerce and the payments connection in existing markets. Platforms which currently rely on the ‘commercial agent’ exemption can continue to operate, both without disrupting their business model and while remaining outside the scope of PSD2. Learn more about the entire Open Banking impact on your business. Bob Vokes is Managing Director, Financial Services at Accenture in Canada. Bob draws on nearly 30 years of experience to lead Accenture’s Financial Services team, helping Canadian banks, insurance companies, wealth managers and investment banks transform their business to meet changing customer needs, address technology challenges, and meet investor expectations.

Don Bush, Chief Marketing Officer, Kount

Collaboration: The Secret to Fraud Reduction
It seems like things are getting easier for the bad guys and harder for the good guys when it comes to identifying and stopping fraud for ecommerce and mcommerce companies. Fraudsters have more data, tools, and opportunity than ever and are becoming more and more bold in their methods to steal from you. What’s the secret to reducing their impact on revenue and customer experience? Collaboration. Simply put, we can do more together than we can independently. This presentation will review ways to collaborate with payment processors and gateways, fraud systems, and data providers to put multiple barriers between you and the fraudsters, protecting your business and your profits.

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Thursday, April 19, 2018 | 8:30 am to 5:30 pm
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